Ghulaam Web Series Download or Stream Online for Free

If you love thriller series or something like that, then Ghulaam is one of the best series in this genre. Nowadays finding the best thriller series is very difficult. This series is packed with some great heart touching scenes and amazing cast and plotting. If you are a true fan of thriller series, then you can go for Ghulaam web series download and get full out of it.

Ghulaam is an old show but it is much famous for its direction, acting and dialogue delivery of actors. It is one of the best series out there and gained a lot of popularity because of the theme and storyline. If you are really searching for any good web series to watch, we suggest you to go for this & it will give you goosebumps surely. If you love crime, drama web series then you can also go for Raktanchal Web Series or Voot’s Latest Illegal Web Series for free. We have covered the complete article on these crime drama web series.

Ghulam web series download or watch online free

Ghulaam Web Series Cast

Vikas Manaktala as Chaudhary Veer Pratap

Niti Taylor as Shivani Mathur

Param Singh as Rangeela

Ridheema Tiwari as Maldawali

Bhagwan Tiwari as Chaudhary Bhisma Pratap

Indraneil Sengupta as officer Raghav Verma

Ghulaam Series Short Summary

This series starts with the kidnapping of a girl whose name was Rashmi and she was brought to Behrampur which was shown as the city of all the crimes. She was forced to marry the youngest son of Chaudhary Bhisma Pratap. After the marriage, his husband used to torture her and didn’t let her to open her mouth as well as he burned her mouth with charcoal.

This girl “Rashmi” fiancee named Raghav, who was an army officer, when he knows about the incident he attacked them with his troops but saved by a slave named Rangeela. Later, Rangeela was asked to visit the minister of Delhi where met Shivani.

This complete story will give you goosebumps and tells how Rangeela force Shivani to marry him. This story will tell you how women are treated in a small town named Behrampur. We suggest you to watch Ghulaam web series & you will definitely love this thriller series.

How to Download Ghulaam Web Series Online or Watch Offline?

Ghulaam web series is officially launched on LifeOk & it is also available on Hotstar. You can watch Ghulaam web series download also on Hotstar app or website. Here are the steps to watch this series or stream online.

Step1. Download Hotstar app or visit Hotstar website.

Step2. Search for Ghulaam web series in the search bar in top menu.

Step3. Click on the Ghulaam series found on the search results.

Step4. You can watch all the seasons on the app or website for free.

These are the steps to download Ghulaam series or watch online for free.

FAQs About Ghulam Series Download or Steam Free

Q1. Is Ghulaam best crime thriller series ever?

This series is definitely a gem and worth watching. You will be eager to watch episodes one after one if you start the series. You will get very curious to know what will happen in the next episode. This series will make you fall in love with this web series. Our review is: Excellent performance by all the case as well as best background music.

Q2. How to watch Ghulaam series for free?

You can directly watch this series on Hotstar app or website. All the episodes are streaming on the app for free & the best part is you don’t need to login to any account or you do not need any premium account to watch this series.

Q3. Can I download Ghulaam series?

Yes, you can easily download the web series for free as it is officially released on LifeOk & available on Hotstar. Feel free to download it on Hotstar app.

Q4. How many seasons of Ghulaam series out there till now?

This web series has a total of 6 season which has total number of 192 episodes.


This series will leave you to love it from the bottom of your heart & you will surely miss the series after you complete it. This is really one of the best web series in the thriller genre. In this article, we have guided you how you can easily  Ghulaam web series download or watch online for free. If you have any question, feel free to ask us in comments.


We suggest all our users to prefer only OTT platforms to watch or download any movie or web series. We do not recommend our users to piracy as it is a criminal offence. We highly do not support any piracy content and we are totally against it.

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